This section contains advanced documents for CVAT users

Downloading annotations


Overview of available search options.


Creating and exporting projects in CVAT.

Shape mode (advanced)

Advanced operations available during annotation in shape mode.

Track mode (advanced)

Advanced operations available during annotation in track mode.

Attribute annotation mode (advanced)

Advanced operations available in attribute annotation mode.

Annotation with rectangle by 4 points

Annotation with points

Guide to annotating tasks using single points or shapes containing multiple points.

Annotation with polylines

Guide to annotating tasks using polylines.

Annotation with polygons

Guide to creating and editing polygons.

OpenCV tools

Guide to using Computer Vision algorithms during annotation.

AI Tools

Overview of semi-automatic and automatic annotation tools available in CVAT.

Annotation with Tags

Annotation with cuboids

Guide to creating and editing cuboids.

3D Object annotation (advanced)

Overview of advanced operations available when annotating 3D objects.


Guide to using the Filter feature in CVAT.

Shape grouping

Grouping multiple shapes during annotation.


Guide to using the Review mode for task validation.

Context images for 2d task

Adding additional contextual images to a task.


List of available mouse and keyboard shortcuts.

Export/import a task

Task synchronization with a repository


Automatic annotation

Guide to using the automatic annotation of tasks.

Analytics Monitoring

Using Analytics to monitor usage statistics.

XML annotation format


List of annotation formats supported by CVAT.

Command line interface (CLI)

Guide to working with CVAT tasks in the command line interface. This section on GitHub.

Simple command line to prepare dataset manifest file

This section on GitHub

Data preparation on the fly

Serverless tutorial