This is the main field in which drawing and editing objects takes place. In addition the workspace also has the following functions:

  • Right-clicking on an object calls up the Object card - this is an element containing the necessary controls for changing the label and attributes of the object, as well as the action menu.

  • Right-clicking a point deletes it.

  • Z-axis slider - Allows you to switch annotation layers hiding the upper layers (slider is enabled if several z layers are on a frame). This element has a button for adding a new layer. When pressed, a new layer is added and switched to it. You can move objects in layers using the + and - keys.

  • Image settings panel -  used to set up the grid and set up image brightness contrast saturation.

    • Show Grid, change grid size, choose color and transparency:

    • Adjust Brightness/Contrast/Saturation of too exposed or too dark images using F3 — color settings (changes displaying settings and not the image itself).


    • Shift+B+=/Shift+B+- for brightness.

    • Shift+C+=/Shift+C+- for contrast.

    • Shift+S+=/Shift+S+- for saturation.

    • Reset color settings to default values.