Label is a type of an annotated object (e.g. person, car, vehicle, etc.)

Attribute is a property of an annotated object (e.g. color, model, quality, etc.). There are two types of attributes:

  • Unique: immutable and can’t be changed from frame to frame (e.g. age, gender, color, etc.)

  • Temporary: mutable and can be changed on any frame (e.g. quality, pose, truncated, etc.)

Track is a set of shapes on different frames which corresponds to one object. Tracks are created in Track mode

Annotation is a set of shapes and tracks. There are several types of annotations:

  • Manual which is created by a person
  • Semi-automatic which is created mainly automatically, but the user provides some data (e.g. interpolation)
  • Automatic which is created automatically without a person in the loop

Approximation allows you to reduce the number of points in the polygon. Can be used to reduce the annotation file and to facilitate editing polygons.